Kit Downes, "Deamlife Of Debris" - skaņuplate, 33.3 RPM, ECM Records.

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Dreamlife of Debris carries forward the story begun on Kit Downes’s Obsidian, extending and developing its processes and core ideas. But where Obsidian was (almost exclusively) a solo church organ album, part of Kit’s plan for Dreamlife was to put the organ in a broader context, and also to bring the piano into the larger compositional picture. Musicians in the project are primarily players with whom Downes has had long associations – saxophonist Tom Challenger, cellist Lucy Railton, drummer Seb Rochford – and there is also a first musical encounter with Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus. “I was interested to see how bringing in different people would change the direction of the recording.”


Dreamlife of Debris is issued in CD and LP formats.


Mēs varam sniegt jums konsultāciju par šo produktu +371 67171000, mūsu veikalā Cēsu iela 33, Rīgā vai:


  • A1 Sculptor, Composed By – Kit Downes - 6:01
  • A2 Circinus, Composed By – Kit Downes - 4:15
  • A3 Pinwheel, Composed By – Kit Downes - 4:07
  • A4 Bodes, Composed By – Kit Downes - 12:41
  • B1 Sunflower, Composed By – Kit Downes - 2:31
  • B2 M7, Composed By – Ruth Goller - 5:25
  • B3 Twin, Composed By – Kit Downes - 4:24
  • B4 Blackeye, Composed By – Kit Downes, Tom Challenger - 5:16


  • Kit Downes - Piano, Organ
  • Tom Challenger - Tenor Saxophone
  • Stian Westerhus - Guitar
  • Lucy Railton - Cello
  • Sebastian Rochford - Drums


Released: 25.10.2019.

Catalogue No: ECM 2632


Barcode: 602508015885