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Nik Bärtsch's Ronin, "Holon" - CD izdevums, ECM Records.


The second ECM album by Swiss composer-pianist Nik Bärtsch and his band Ronin reaps the benefits of the two years of roadwork undertaken since the recording of “Stoa” “We’ve simply played a lot more,” Bärtsch emphasises: “The development of the band as an organism is a very important force for the music. It is through playing that the pieces I write grow and bloom.” The distinguishing characteristics of the music are consistent: the modular constructions, the polymetric pulses, the complex interlocking patterns and repetitive motifs. Bärtsch speaks of the band’s way of working as a “spiral continuum” rather than the newness-at-all-costs priorities of the Western avant-garde. Yet it is clear enough that a conceptual leap has been made in Ronin’s music, for the band’s sound is simultaneously looser and indissoluble, without any relinquishing of the grip upon the groove.


Mēs varam sniegt jums konsultāciju par šo produktu +371 67171000, mūsu veikalā Cēsu iela 33, Rīgā vai:


  • 1 Modul 42 6:29
  • 2 Modul 41_17 14:51
  • 3 Modul 39_8 7:49
  • 4 Modul 46 7:16
  • 5 Modul 45 9:41
  • 6 Modul 44 9:23


Recorded: Recorded July 2007, Studios La Buissonne,



  • Nik Bärtsch - Piano
  • Sha - Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
  • Björn Meyer - Bass
  • Kaspar Rast - Drums
  • Andi Pupato - Percussion


Release date: 15.02.2018.

Catalogue No: ECM 2049

Barcode: 602517486720

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