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Eberhard Weber, "Pendulum" - CD izdevums, ECM Records.


In Pendulum I have given up this self-limitation. More than ever I am interested in the end product, and for quite some time now I have been free from the need to prove that one person can do it all. All sounds and effects are produced with my special bass without artifice, absolutely 'synthesizer-free'. Every single sound could be reproduced live, but not the events and structures, for example the quick change from effect to effect. Every new storage or alteration simply requires a certain amount of input-time, and I think that in a studio recording it really can't hurt to shorten these procedures.


Why do I play everything alone? The answer is simple. The bass just happens to be my life-long preoccupation. Also my old adversary. And I have long been dissatisfied with using this instrument in the traditional way. I find it a lot more exciting to make all those strange, witty, unmistakable, unique sounds that only an obstinate lover can coax from this stubborn instrument.


The bass as orchestra – if that isn't a challenge.

(Eberhard Weber)


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  • 1 Bird Out Of Cage 5:04
  • 2 Notes After An Evening 4:15
  • 3 Delirium 5:20
  • 4 Children's Song No. 1 5:41
  • 5 Street Scenes 5:26
  • 6 Silent For A While 7:42
  • 7 Pendulum 8:41
  • 8 Unfinished Self-Portrait 4:34
  • 9 Closing Scene 6:36


  • Eberhard Weber - Bass


Recorded: Recorded Spring 1993, München.

Release date: 1.10.1993.



Catalogue No: ECM 1518

Barcode: 602438331369

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